ВИДЕО: ЧИНГИС ХААН одон гардуулах ёслолын ажиллагаа эхэллээ

Төрийн дээд одон тэргүүн зэргийн "Чингис Хаан" одон гардуулах ёслолын ажиллагаа Төрийн ордонд эхэлж байна. Зочдыг Ерөнхийлөгчийн Тамгын газрын дарга Я.Содбаатар угтан авч байна.


Энэ жил Чингис Хаан одонг Академич Д.Доржготов, Профессор Жак Уэтерфорд нарт хүртээх юм.

Сонин хачин
Tom Peacock:
My name is Tom Peacock from USA, I want to say thank you to Dr Emu for the good thing he has done for me, Though am not sure if this is the best forum to show my joy and happiness for what he has done for me but i can't hide my happiness and my joy so i have to share it with people, my marriage got crashed about two years ago and i tried all i could within my power but to no avail. I saw a post and testimonial about the good things Dr Emu has been doing so I decided to give it a try. though he is always a busy man but when he responded back to my email, he gave me 48 hours for my marriage to be restored really just like he said my marriage was restored since then I am happy and i am living happily i am so grateful to Dr Emu you can always email him here: {emutemple@gmail.com} or WhatsApp: {+2347012841542}